A Platte City Family Law Firm With A Deep Commitment To Help Missouri Families Transition To Strong Futures

A divorce or child custody dispute can be a difficult time of life. The Law Office of Robert Black aims to guide the way informatively, compassionately and with each client’s ultimate goals clearly in mind. Robert Black‘s years of experience and knowledge of the law reassure clients and work to their advantage.

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Family Law

Attorney Robert Black practices family law out of a deep and sincere sense of dedication to clients dealing with challenging legal issues. He handles paternity cases, legal separation, divorce, child custody modifications and other family law matters confronting Missouri clients.

Family Law Mediation

Platte County Divorce Attorney Robert Black does not believe that, in divorce, the more you spend on attorney fees the more you get in return. Family law mediation offers the promise of very good outcomes at a reasonable cost, while putting the parties in control of the solution.

Missouri Family Law Practice

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“I like to make my clients smart consumers of legal services. Well-informed people are well-prepared to make good decisions.” —
Attorney Robert Black