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About The Firm

A primary objective of The Law Office of Robert Black in Platte City is to equip clients to be informed consumers of legal services. At The Law Office of Robert Black, you can count on honesty and encouragement toward pathways likely to suit you and your children in the end.

People approaching separation, divorce and child custody matters often see emotional issues looming large in front of them. Keeping a balanced perspective while making difficult but necessary decisions can be a challenge. An experienced lawyer on your side can be to your great advantage.

You Should Know About Options, Costs And Benefits In Your Family Law Case

Serving clients throughout Platte County and Clay County, The Law Office of Robert Black operates on the assumption that your ultimate best interests should determine the roadmap you will follow. You should be aware of all your options before moving forward, as some plans can do more harm than good.

Is collaborative law or mediation a better way in your Missouri divorce or child custody case? As a client of this law firm, you will have clear explanations and relevant information needed to decide on how to move forward with your case.

On the other hand, if your contested divorce requires traditional litigation, Mr. Black’s years of experience can be a great asset.

Understanding Your Real Goals In A Divorce Or Custody Matter

Some people embroiled in family law problems seem to believe an attorney will help them punish a spouse or former spouse through legal maneuvers. In fact, however, we find that in the vast majority of cases, it is in people’s best interests to resolve family law matters expeditiously, equitably, calmly and practically.

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Schedule a consultation with a divorce and custody lawyer by calling 816-873-1211 or submitting an intake form through this website. Located minutes from the Platte County Courthouse, The Law Office of Robert Black is here to serve Missouri clients throughout Platte County, Clay County and beyond.