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When Family Law Mediation Is The Right Path

Robert Black is one of a few family law attorneys in Platte County who handles divorce and custody cases with mediation as a primary focus. When his clients get on board with the benefits of mediation, they discover its value, in both monetary and human terms.

Mediation Allows Missouri Families To Move Forward With Dignity And Civility

As a family law mediator primarily serving clients throughout Platte and Clay counties, attorney Robert Black is committed to helping divorcing couples and people with other family law issues obtain the best possible outcomes at a reasonable cost. In his experience, mediation offers the best opportunity for people at a difficult transition point in their lives to move forward with dignity and civility. Mediation is a powerful technique, not only in the dissolution of marriages but also in custody and child support cases involving the rights of unmarried parents.

Mr. Black conducts mediation for his own clients as well as clients referred by other family law attorneys. Past years of experience as a family law trial attorney and a family law mediator have clearly shown him the superiority of mediation over litigation in family law matters. He invites interested parties to consider how family law mediation can be beneficial to all parties.

What Mediation Looks Like At The Law Office of Robert Black

So, what does he do as a family law mediator? In simplest terms, he sits down with the husband and wife or unwed mother and father and has a problem-solving conversation that leads to an agreed-upon solution to all relevant aspects of a case, such as divorce, custody and support modifications or rights of unmarried parents. Those solutions are then set to become the enforceable judgment executed by a family law judge.

Contact A Platte County Mediation Attorney Committed To Clients’ Best Interests

Some years ago, an African client of mine, in a highly contested divorce, told me, “In Africa, Bob, we have a saying: ‘When two elephants fight, the grass hurts.’ My wife and I are the elephants…our children are the grass.” That quote hangs in my mediation room as a constant reminder for me of the promise of mediation and the tragedy of high-conflict divorce. – Attorney Robert Black

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