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A Caring, Experienced Advocate For Your Missouri Divorce

It is unfortunate when the legal process of a divorce becomes a battleground, and therefore a cause of ever-increasing attorney fees. At The Law Office of Robert Black in Platte City, you will find that Mr. Black strives to guide you through the process with a focus on attaining good outcomes at a reasonable cost, while minimizing, where possible, unnecessary and expensive battle.

Unfortunately, however, sometimes a divorce is highly contested. Reason and commonsense do not always prevail, no matter how strong the effort. If your Missouri divorce requires litigation to resolve serious disputes, Mr. Black is prepared to be your strong advocate

Get A Strong Advocate On Your Side As You Prepare For Responding To, Or Filing For, Divorce In Platte County Or Clay County

Whether through settlement negotiations, in mediation or in a courtroom, Mr. Black advises and represents clients throughout in all aspects of divorce, including:

The emotional aspects of divorce often lead couples or individuals to seek family therapy or psychological counseling. The legal process of divorce, on the other hand, somewhat resembles the dissolution of a business. A divorce will spell out issues involving money, property and parental rights. Your Missouri divorce should culminate in a determination of ownership of:

  • Real estate
  • Bank accounts
  • Vehicles
  • Household goods
  • Collectibles
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Retirement benefits

Debt division is another part of many divorces. Your divorce will also specify if one spouse should pay support (alimony) to the other and, if so, for how long. A divorce decree including spousal support may also include terms for termination of it — usually remarriage or cohabitation of the recipient.

Whether your marital estate is of high net worth or a more typical middle-class collection of a house, two cars and some bank accounts, The Law Office of Robert Black can advise you on how to settle your divorce efficiently.

Perhaps you and your spouse believe you agree on everything and you are seeking limited representation only, such as a review of self-prepared divorce documents for the court. At The Law Office of Robert Black, you will find a keen listening ear focused on your priorities and goals. You will also find advice designed to protect your long-term best interests. After learning about the benefits of mediation, you may decide that it can work in your case.

For Practical Guidance Through A Missouri Divorce, Contact The Platte County Mediation Attorney At The Law Office of Robert Black

Contact The Law Office of Robert Black online or call 816-873-1211 to schedule a consultation with a lawyer so you can learn whether mediation or litigation is the right solution in your case.